Saturday, April 30, 2016

Arduino Obstacle Avoiding Robot

Recently, I have made an obstacle avoiding arduino robot. This robot drives around the floor and doesn't crash into walls. I used an HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor for this robot in order to detect the distance from the nearest object. I also used 2 6-volt continuous servo motors in order to move the robot forward. I used an Arduino, breadboard, and some wires. I used a 9 volt battery to power the arduino and a 4 AAA battery pack to power the motors. I made the chassis out of cardboard and made the front wheel from two mineral water caps. I 3d modeled and printed a part to hold the wheel in the front. For science, I had to build circuits. For technology, I had to utilize an arduino, program it, and use the 3D printer. For Engineering, I had to construct the chassis and 3D model the part in Autodesk Inventor. For math, I had to calculate the dimensions of the cardboard chassis and for the 3d modeling. I also had to find the conversion formula to connect the width of the returning ultrasonic signal to distance in cm and inches. 


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