Sunday, March 13, 2016

Puzzle Cube Reflection

During this project, I glued wooden pieces together to form a 2.25x2.25 inch puzzle cube. The cube has 5 unique pieces that fit together. The total amount of small cubes used was 27. I later used a laser engraver to engrave inspirational quotes on the puzzle cube for each of the six sides. I used autodesk inventor to model each part and then I put the together. I made a document set with each part dimensioned. I collected results from people and observed that STEM students to better on this puzzle cube. A graph can be seen below. 

Graph of average results on the puzzle cube

The separate time of each individual can be found below.

I made a video about me finding parts of the cube and putting them together. It can be found below. 

Below, you can find more pictures of myself in progress of building my project. 
Wood glue that kept my cubes together 
Multiview of one of my parts

Laser Engraver

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