Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Personality Quiz Website

   Over the course of the last 2 weeks, Anthony Kang and I made a website. The website is a personality quiz that upon completion tells you which STEM teacher your personality is closer to. We used jQuery, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The website calculates the percentage of your personality matching a specific person. It took a while to complete because of our lack of programming knowledge. At the end, I learned how to use <form> in HTML and how to use jQuery along with javascript. This project made me understand that even with my limited js knowledge, I can still do something. 

   Originally, it was Anthony Kang's idea. We went to the library over winter break and planned it out. Whenever a user clicks one of the questions, the question disappears, the next one appears, and the answer is recorded. At the end the photo of the person you are more like shows up. The characters used were Mr. Cowhey, Mr. Sinde, and John Cena. Temporary link:

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